Munising Bay Trail Network

Munising Bay Trail Network (MBTN) is a newly established organization focused on building a singletrack trail system in Munising and the surrounding areas.  MBTN was originated from an idea formed between two individuals (Rob Lundquist and Mike Verhamme). They had a vision that the hills surrounding Munising would be a phenomenal riding (or hiking) experience. They could see the potential in the lay of the land and the type of single track trail that could be built there. Together they went to city meetings and proposed what they envisioned.  They focused their idea on what it could bring to this community, not only for locals (giving local outdoor enthusiasts a place to ride and hike) but also by increasing tourism by having another great reason for tourists to want to visit and stay in Munising.

The two miles of existing trail (rough cut) has been built entirely by local volunteers (including several of our local youth, some of them BMXers). MBTN scheduled one day a week (approx. 2 hours ea.) work bees from spring through late fall of 2012. The plan for this season is to continue the trail heading toward the downtown area and also heading in the opposite direction toward Tourist Park. The long term vision is to connect this trail system with the Valley Spur Trail system and beyond.

It is exciting to see our community once again group together and make things happen.  A singletrack trail system in Munising is just one more thing to add to our vacation destination things to see and do list.  We are always looking for more volunteers.  Please contact Rhonda Lassila  906 202-1679  if you would like more information or would like to be added to the volunteer list.